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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things You Need for Canning

While canning season is not quite here yet, it is sometimes advisable to take stock of your canning tools and supplies to see if something needs to be replaced. If so you may want to invest in it early so that you won't have to worry about stores running out of what you need once the canning rush begins in the fall. Here are a few of the tools that we recommend to have on hand when canning:
  1. A Pressure Canner or a Waterbath Canner (depending upon what type of canning you are going to be doing.)
  2. Canning Funnel: This is great for pouring your food into the jars without as much of a mess or spills as trying to do it funnel-less. 
  3. Jar Lifter: This handy tool helps you to lift jars out of the canner when they are done. It helps to keep you from getting burned on hot jars.
  4. New Canning Lids, while you can reuse canning jars (provided they have no cracks or imperfections) you will need new canning lids every time you can, unless you are using resealable lids such as Tattler lids.
  5. Canning Jars: look over your jars each year and be sure that they are not getting worn out, check for signs of cracks or chips in the glass. Also carefully inspect the mouth of the jar to be sure there are no nicks or imperfections where the canning lid will set as this could cause an improper seal, resulting in spoiled food. Any jars that have flaws should be discarded (or just not used for food preservation) and replaced with new jars.
  6. Most of the other canning supplies you will need tend to be kitchen staples, things such as dish towels, measuring cups and spoons, ladles, spatulas, stock pots, etc.
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