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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Using a Salad Shooter to Make Pizza

Did you know that you can use the Presto Salad Shooter to help make a pizza? This is especially great for those who like lots of veggies on their pizzas.

Just choose your pizza dough of choice and prepare it so that it is ready to add the toppings (method of preparation will depend on dough chosen, etc). Apply sauce of choice, then get your salad shooter ready to shred your mozzarella or other cheese over the sauce. Then get out your aresenal of favorite veggies to slice or shred onto the top of the pizza (peppers, onions, yum). Then add any other toppings you so desire and bake for the amount of time recommended in your recipe.

And voila' your salad shooter has just helped you make a delcious pizza. But while your pizza is baking, leave your salad shooter out and fix a salad to go with it as a healthy, yummy side dish.

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