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Friday, January 6, 2012

Waffle Maker Uses

So, there's only one use for a waffle maker right? And of course that use is to make waffles. Well, this is where you might be surprised that you are wrong. Waffle makers can be used for making several different food items. Don't believe me? Read below:
  1. Make grilled cheese sandwiches. Okay, so the sandwiches might be shaped like a waffle, but it is simple, just put together your cheese and bread and put into the waffle maker. It heats it up to gooey perfection very quickly!
  2. Hashbrowns. Grated Yukon gold potatoes into a double-thickness paper towel and squeeze out the extra moisture. I use a spray olive oil or Pam on the waffle iron and cook your hash-browns up. It might take some experimenting with you particular model of waffle maker to determine which heat setting will work best to cook your hashbrowns through.
  3. Cook bacon. There's even a video on serious eats to show you how:
  4. Make 90 second cookies. We've seen recipes using oatmeal cookies, but would love to hear if there are people using other types of cookie dough!
  5. Create waffle Cupcakes.  The Waffleizer has a blog post about their cupcake waffle experiment

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