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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Uses for Your Blender

Many of us have a blender that is gathering dust, or we've thought about getting a blender, but haven't made the investment yet, because we are worried that it will not get enough use to warrant the expense. There are many, many uses for a blender, some you may not have thought of, so let's examine these uses, then you can make the decision of whether your blender can be a kitchen staple, instead of a once in a blue moon appliance.

Blender Uses:
  1. Puree foods (soft or cooked foods work best)
  2. Cream soup (putting soups in a blender give them a velvety cream texture)
  3. Make milk shakes (2 simple ingredients, ice cream and milk)
  4. Smooth gravy (great way to avoid lumps in your gravy)
  5. Blend eggs to scramble or make an omelet (blending eggs adds air to the eggs which makes them fluffy)
  6. Mix salad dressings (this ensures all the spices, etc. are evenly mixed for the best flavor)
  7. Make eggnog (a lower powered blender is recommended for eggnog so that it doesn't heat and start to cook the egg)
  8. Make homemade baby food (most of these foods should be cooked previously, do a little research on making your own baby food for recipes and tips)
  9. Blend cream pie fillings and custards 
  10. Puree fruit for use in dishes or just as a nice snack
  11. Blend frozen concentrated juices 
  12. Create other blended beverages
  13. Grate Cheese (slice into small blocks and blend)
  14. Blend pancake or waffle batter
  15. Blend instant puddings
  16. Chop nuts 
  17. Make Salsa (great if you prefer a finer salsa vs. chunky)  
  18. Use it to create bread, cracker or cookie crumbs if needed as ingredients in recipes.
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