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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Old Mirro Pressure Cooker Parts

We had a question from one of our customers regarding an old Mirro Pressure Cooker and parts for their model.

New 6 qt. Mirro Pressure Cooker
I have an older Mirro presser cooker, its a 4 qt. All it has on the bottom of the pot is:
M-0294 4 qt and nothing else. It is a heavier aluminum pot.
It needs a new gasket and a new little valve to release steam, It has the pressure regulator that reads 5# 10# and 15#.
Do you still make gaskets and a valve for this older model?
Please let me know.
Thank you for your time

Vicki S.
In case you are having the same problem in finding parts for a Mirro M-0294, we want to share with you the answer that we gave:

We do still have parts available for your model (M-0294). I have supplied you with a link below to help you find the parts available.

Thank you,
Customer Service
 So if you need Mirro M-0294 Parts visit the above link.
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