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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Use a Toaster Oven

Many people think of toaster ovens as just being used to reheat foods that do not reheat well in the microwave. But a toaster oven can be used for much more than just that, and especially during a time of the year when there are dinner parties and get togethers, the toaster oven can be a great help when your regular oven is being overworked, or just doesn't have any more room in it.

So what are some extra uses for your toaster oven?
  • Reheat dishes of food that have cooled off while waiting on guests to arrive.
  • Toast nuts.
  • Make small batches of cookies, cupcakes, or small cakes.
  • Cook side dishes while your main dish is heating up in your oven.
  • Fix a quick snack.
  • Melt cheese or marshmallows on top of dishes.
  • Keep a plate of food warm for a late guest.
  • And of course, make toast.
What are some of your favorite uses for the toaster oven that save you time?
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