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Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Overcome the Holiday Kitchen Rush

The holidays tend to make even the most well equipped kitchen feel a little tight with all the cooking, family meals, holiday meals, treats, dinner parties you are taking a dish to, well, the list goes on from there. Many people love the holidays but wish for just a bit more time or a few devices to save a bit of time. So here's the rundown on a few items that we love to use during the holiday rush hours:

Pressure Cookers: Pressure cookers can cook up side dishes or even main courses in a snap. They cook foods up to 10 times faster than traditional cooking methods.

Roasting Pans: Roasting pans can make cooking turkeys and other dishes a little less time consuming, particularly if you get one that has a self basting cover.

Toaster Ovens: These can come in handy for smaller items that need to be baked or for reheating food when the oven is too full to hold another thing.

Electric Knives: Electric knives can make carving a turkey or slicing a ham quick and easy work.

What is your favorite method to save time in the kitchen throughout the holidays?

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