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Monday, June 18, 2012

All American Canner Information

I like to think that the All American pressure canner is the Cadillac of pressure canning.  This brand of canners is very dependable and you do not have to buy replacement parts for them unless you break something or lose it.  Always read the instructions before using this brand of canner (or any brand) and always keep the instructions because you never know when you may need them.

There are many different sizes but they all use the same parts except for the canning racks. 

General information on the All American Canners:
These canners have a metal to metal seal, which is great because you do not have to worry about a gasket.  The mistake that a lot of people make about the metal to metal seal is they completely screw down one of the wing nuts.  This makes it a lot harder to get the lid on correctly and causes the steam to leak out while canning.  You start with one and just screw it down enough to get the wing nut to stay in place.  Then you move to the one on the opposite side of the lid and do the same thing.  You keep doing this until you have gone all away around your canner.  Then you start tightening the wingnuts down.  Keep in mind that you keep going to the opposing wing nut that you are working on next; you do this until you are finished.  Once you have mastered the lid all of the other components are the same as any other canner; you have your pressure regulator which you can set at the pounds of pressure that you are working with.  It also features an over pressure plug and a pressure gauge that tells you what pressure you are canning at.

The All American 910 Canner is the 10 Quart size and will only hold 7 pints jars and 4 quarts.  A little inside information on this size canner, you cannot can fish with this size or with the 915.

The 915 canner will only hold 10 pints and 7 quarts and again you cannot can fish in this size canner you need the next size up.

The 921 and 925 hold 19 pints and 7 quarts.  The only difference in these canners is that they hold a different liquid volume.  Some people like to use these sizes for actually pressure cooking, large sides of beef and vegetables that lose their size when they are cooked down, such as leafy greens.

The 930 holds 19 pints and 14 quarts.

Last is the biggie, the 941, is the monster size.  It holds 32 pints and 19 quarts.  The reason I have not listed the half-pint sizes and the half-gallon size is because the 941 canners have not been tested for these sizes.  Only pints and quarts and those are the standard mason jars. 

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