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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why can't you use a All American on a glass top stove?

A question that we get a lot from our awesome customers is about the All American Cooker/Canner. Why can't this canner be used on glass top stove?

Well, The All American Canners are a heavy duty and extremely durable canner. That means that they weigh quite a bit and they also have a diameter that can be larger than the burner on the stove. This weight can cause them to break glass/ceramic on stoves combined with the fact that the larger diameter can cause the heat from the burner to spread across the stove means that even if the glass or ceramic does not break it can still be damaged on the surface rendering the stove unusable.

So it is better to play it safe and not use an All American Canner on a glass top stove.

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