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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Customer

We love getting emails like this:
I want to thank-you for your prompt service. You are the best. We spend our summers in NYS and have a garden which is my husbands pride and joy. When I accidently turned on the wrong burner on our new electric stove and 'fried' the rubber ring or seal in our pressure canner it was greatly disturbing because we still needed it to can our beets and carrots. 

I tried borrowing one and then my husband got on the computor and found you and we ordered. When the first one came and didn't fit I was dissapointed but followed your instructions to return the old "fried ring" with the one you sent with instructions to credit or replace if possible. I first saw the $1 credit show on or checking account and wondered and today when the correct fitting ring arrived I was thrilled and had it in place quickly. You saved me from driving to my sisters, 45 miles , to use her canner. We will have then canned tomorrow, so as to take with us back to AZ in 2 weeks. Again thank-you for your help and great service.

We always try to do our best to help people find the correct part for pressure canners or pressure cookers that they own. We are thrilled when it works and makes our customers happy and makes their lives a little easier in the process.

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