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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Timeless Cooking or What did they do before microwaves?

In the past, there was a time before microwaves existed.  And quick cooking wasn't what it is today.  You couldn't just go to the freezer and grab a microwave meal, pop it in your microwave and get to cooking.  Then you had to plan and prepare each meal carefully.

So what did they do back then before they had microwaves, when they didn't have much time to prepare a meal?

Well, they used pressure cookers.  In the early part of last century, pressure cookers were very popular because of their ease of use and quickness in cooking.  Also because refrigerators were still not what they are today and many people could not afford them, the best way for them to preserve their food was to can it in a pressure canner.  Without these items many people would have had to learn to do without meals in many cases.  But not only was the pressure cooker good for cooking a quick meal, they were also useful if jars needed to be sterilized before using them to can in.

Pressure cookers are able to keep most of the nutrients, texture, and flavor of the food, in the food.  While studies of microwaves over the last few years have shown that microwaving food causes nutrient loss, and we have all experienced that annoying cold spot, or the oh so hot hot hot spot with microwaves that cook food unevenly.  Plus microwaves tend to dry out meats or cause them to be tough.  With a pressure cooker your meats will be moister and more tender.

If part of your New Year's resolution was to eat healthier, then you will definitely want to look into pressure cookers, what healthier way to eat, than to keep the natural nutrients in your vegetables in them after they are cooked.  There are many pressure cooker cookbooks, and the internet has dozens of recipes on it so it should be easy to find recipes for your pressure cooker, all you have to do is a quick search for them in your favorite search engine.
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