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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Safety with Pressure Cookers and Canners

Since safety is a big thing with using pressure cookers and canners, all of us at Pressure Cooker Outlet feel it would only be appropriate to have our write our first "real" blog on safety.  Please feel free to bookmark this page and refer back to it as you need to.


·         Always remember, before you do anything with your pressure cooker or canner, please read your instruction manual thoroughly before operating.

·         Check the vent pipe before use.  This is very simple but necessary to do. You can check the vent pipe by holding the cover of your cooker/canner up to the light and run a pipe cleaner through it to ensure that it has a clear opening.

·         You do not want to fill your pressure canner more than 2/3 full while using it.

·         You do not want to pressure cook applesauce, pearl barley, cereals, pastas, grains, split peas, or soup mixes. These foods tend to foam, froth and sputter and may block the vent pipe, over pressure plug, and air vent cover lock.

·         Please do not try to open the pressure canner/cooker until the pressure inside has been completely reduced. Wait until the air vent and cover lock has dropped.  When you see that there is no more steam you can remove the pressure regulator.

·         If your sealing ring has become dry, brittle, or cracked, then you need to replace it, BEFORE using your canner/cooker again, along with your over pressure plug. (Most manufactures advise you to change the sealing rings and over pressure plugs every 3-4 yrs depending on the use). That way you will feel secure knowing that you have two new parts that will be working properly for your canner/cooker.

Pressure Canners and Pressure Cookers are great tools. Just so long as you  remember to practice safety with them. Also with pressure canning, always be sure to use undamaged mason jars for your canning.
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