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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

6 Fall DIY porch decor ideas with glass bottles, flowers, paint, buckets and candy.

The days are getting shorter and the dusk cool air of the harvest season is unmistakable. It's the season for tiny pumpkins and spooky ghosts before the family makes plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are some simple and unique DIY fall decorations with an old fashioned flavor in the spirit of celebrating the emerging oranges, yellows, browns and reds of Autumn.

DIY Fall Decorations:
  1. Painted Glass Milk Bottles
  2. Hanging Pail with burlap
  3. Little red v & o rustic hanging lantern and tin tray
  4. A wooden bowl filed with fall candy favorites
  5. Yellow wild flowers in a quart glass milk bottle vase
  6. Dasies in a yellow bucket 

Use essentially any paint and swirl the colors around inside the bottle using a paint brush. I used yellow, red and white paint to make these three painted glass milk bottles in yellow, light orange and soft red. Try tying twine around the necks of bottles and cut strips of burlap to wrap around the center (secure with clear drying tacky glue).

I love rustic oil lanterns like this bright red one. They make nice homestead decorations and serve as lighting you can rely on. It's time to prepare for the storms and power outages of fall and winter - why not incorporate resilient practical elements like oil lanterns into our decorations? 

This lantern is displayed in a silver rectangle tin try lined in a piece of burlap with some dried Native American corn and newly fallen colorful Red Maple leaves. 


The galvanized bucket pail chosen for this hanging fall decoration has a sturdy handle attached so it hangs (or stands) flat against a wall or door. It's much more veritable than traditional rustic metal buckets. This bucket keeps the antique feel but makes for a very unique and more functional flat hanging metal bucket decoration. 

This bucket is a great idea as a container for simple and thoughtful gifts too. 

For fall decorations try filling your rustic metal bucket with tiny pumpkins (try to pick pumpkins with character - like the one with white dots pictured above - they represent our diverse heirloom food heritage). Orange and yellow flowers with the leaves of Autumn are all you need to create a great seasonal look in galvanized metal pails. 

The burlap in the bucket is a small burlap pouch (3" x 5") that is just right for giving notes of good wishes and thank you letters. The larger sizes of burlap sacks can be cut to make burlap strips and flat cloth for decorating place settings. 

It's not Fall without a bowl full of candy. You don't have to wait for Halloween to share Mary Jane, yellow honey drops, caramel chews, yellow jaw breakers, tasty round sweets, and delightful watermelon and cherry jolly ranchers with your visitors. 

Display your candy in a simple woven wooden bowl. 

 A very simple DIY quart glass milk bottle flower vase can really bring your fall decorations together. Slide a rolled strip of burlap into the bottle to line its interior before filling with your favorite fall color hand-picked wild flowers. 

This yellow metal bucket is a bright decoration perfect for the beginning of fall. Use it to display wildflowers like daises or to give a gift of sweet red table wine (bonus: later, fill bucket with ice to keep wine chilled throughout dinner). What do you think of this pleasant yellow bucket? If you would like to put your flowers in water, attach the burlap strip to the exterior of the bottle.

Early fall in our mountains of Virginia looks like this:

Good luck do it yourself-ers! May this harvest season bring you much nutrition and joy.

What simple rustic porch / outdoor decoration projects are you doing for early fall?

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