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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Invention of the Pressure Cooker

Cooking food was once a hard task, sometimes taking all day. Cooking happened on wood stoves or over open fires in fireplaces. Sometimes this would result in the food not being cooked well, but people made do and went on about their lives because they knew of no other options.

Then in 1679 Denis Papin came along. He was a French physicist and mathematician. It isn't said why Papin decided to invent his pressure cooker, but perhaps he was desiring of a method to cook food so that it would come out tender, as he named his pressure cooker the Papin Digester.

This first pressure cooker was quite cumbersome and a bit dangerous. It had to have a special furnace to make it work. It was hard to regulate the temperature and steam so it was quite common to have one explode. With his machine being created from cast iron, you can see how these explosions could create problems.

Pressure cookers have gone through a variety of changes over the past 334 years, today's pressure cooker is much safer than the original. But the idea is still the same, to cook food more quickly and to have it be more flavorful and tender than traditional cooking methods. A pressure cooker can save you time and energy in the kitchen by allowing you to create meals quickly and with ease.

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