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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's Crafts with Mason Jars

Valentine's Day will soon be here. We've shared ideas for using mason jars in the past, but we thought we would see what kind of Valentine's ideas there are using mason jars.

Coat the inside of a jar with glitter, leaving a heart shaped area unglued and cover in glitter. Allow to dry and use as a votive candle jar.

If you know how to create mason jar cakes, just change some colors, add some decorative candies to the frosting (heart shaped are great) and you have your own Valentine's mason jar cake.

Create a Valentine's themed terrarium.

Buy a bunch of mason jars and fill each with Valentine's themed gifts decorate the exterior and give away as gifts.

Fill some small jelly jars with layered sweets, red in the bottom, pink in the middle, and white on top for a colorful fun gift or edible decor item.

Decorate some mason jars to use as adorable cups for a Valentine's themed party.

Use cut up Valentine's day cards with some string, paper hearts, and doilies for use as Valentine's day vases.

Have you used mason jars to create Valentine's crafts or gifts?
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