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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Uses for Pulp Leftover from a Juicer

We wrote a blog in the past about using the leftover pulp from your juicer. This blog has had a great amount of traffic and pins on Pinterest. Due to this interest in this topic, we've decided to visit the subject again and see what other uses we can find for you try out. So don't be afraid to use your juicer because of waste. If you use the pulp there will be no waste.

If using fruits or sweet vegetables in your juicer, these make great additions to muffin mixes, pancakes, and breads.

Another use for leftover fruit pulp from juicing is to make fruit leathers. Some people make these using their ovens others use food dehydrators.

Add to smoothies for extra nutrients.

Some people use the pulp in recipes that call for bread crumbs. You can add a bit of extra nutrients and flavor to dishes.

Use veggie pulp to add to spaghetti and/or lasagna sauces to get more nutrients and fiber in you and your family's diets.

People with backyard chickens toss out the pulp for them to feast on.

Use in ground meat dishes or veggie burger dishes. This adds extra fiber and moisture to these types of recipes.

Fruit pulp can be used in frozen fruit pop recipes.

Omelets are good with a little leftover veggie pulp added.

Those are just a few ideas that can be found for using leftover juicer pulp. We would love to hear your ideas!
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