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Monday, September 24, 2012

Pressure Cooker Parts Purchase

At Pressure Cooker Outlet we sell pressure cooker parts and pressure canner parts every single day. Most of our customers seem to be satisfied with their purchases, but every once in awhile we receive an email letting us know that we've made a customer happy. Our most recent satisfied customer email is from a very sweet RN:
Hi there,

I received the new seal and release valve for my very old Presto today and wanted to tell you how happy I was to be able to find parts for it. My slightly newer model arced onto my stove and a hole was melted into it and I was worried that I would have to buy a new one if I could not find the parts. Your store came to the rescue.

Thanks again!
We love it when we receive these emails, they let us know that we are helping people to repair their beloved old pressure cookers and canners, some of which are even family heirlooms by now.

If you have been to our website and are still having trouble finding parts for your cooker or canner don't hesitate to contact Pressure Cooker Outlet's customer service at: 1-800-251-8824

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