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Monday, February 27, 2012

Using Your Electric Skillet

Electric skillets are great little appliances to have around the kitchen. The electric skillet is great for cooking foods that need to be heated evenly in a relatively short amount of time. The Presto Skillets are high quality, and there are many who have had them for years and they are still in use. We received some photos from a woman in our neighborhood who purchased hers either in the late 70s or early 80s and still uses it to this day:

Her electric skillet is photographed above. The new Presto Electric Skillets have changed a little over the years but not much:

What are some reasons that people love electric skillets?
  1. They heat evenly.
  2. You can cook a lot at one time. (most pans that would cook the same amount of food will definitely not be heated evenly on a stovetop)
  3. Uses less electricity. Using an electric skillet does not use as much electricity as heating up your entire stovetop.
So what can you use electric skillets for?
You can use them for nearly any food that needs to be fried, they are great for fixing breakfast, especially pancakes. You can use them for stir frys, barbeques, soups and stews, casseroles, and believe it or not, but you can even bake with your electric skillet. For a few recipe ideas to get you started visit:

For a kitchen tool that can do it all keep the Presto Skillet in mind. Keep your current skillet working with new Presto skillet parts.
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