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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Vintage Pressure Canner

We received a photo from one of our customers:

She wanted to know if we sold parts for this canner.

It is a Ward's 16qt Cast Aluminum Pressure Cooker. It has the gasket free tapered metal to metal gasketless seal! I thought it was an All American but is say Ward on the lid. It has 7 wing nuts to secure lid. 2 of the wings of the nuts have one broken wing. Do you sell replacement parts for this unit?
 We decided to email All American to see what they said, since this cooker looks just like an All American Cooker and  because we were curious as to whether there is a back story to this model.

Their reply:
While this may be one of our pressure cookers, we do not recommend that it be used - keep it as a relic! The aluminum may have deteriorated over the years and developed cracks. The number 39 probably represents the year it was made - 1939. While we made pressure cookers for Ward's, no one here remembers there every being seven wing nuts on them. We believe there would have been six, as the present 15.5 quart (# 915) Pressure Cookers.

Attached is a letter regarding older ALL-AMERICAN Pressure Cookers, which may provide some information regarding this old pressure cooker, however, the issue of seven wing nuts and being made for Wards is not addressed.

So if you have an older canner that you are unsure of using, just get in touch with us at 1-800-251-8824 or email our customer service department at and we will do what we can to help you get the parts and/or information you need.
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